Appendix D. Supported Devices

D.1 Introduction

The following list shows the devices for which PGPLOT device handlers are available, together with the names by which they are known to PGPLOT. The names of the device types can be abbreviated so long as there is no ambiguity; in most cases, this means the first two letters are sufficient. Each installation of PGPLOT is configured with the devices appropriate for that installation, so not every device is available in every installation of PGPLOT. Not all devices are available under all operating systems.

D.2 Available Devices

Common Graphics File Formats


Personal Computers

The following device types are only available when PGPLOT is installed on a computer of the appropriate type with the required graphics hardware and software.

Graphics Terminals


If you have a printer that supports PostScript, use the PostScript format in preference to any of the following.

Pen Plotters

Null Device

The null device can be used to suppress graphical output from a program.

Miscellaneous Devices

Special Applications

The following ``device'' drivers can be used to create PGPLOT graphics within an application that uses either the X-window Motif graphical user interface or a Tcl/Tk user interface. They cannot be used in other applications.
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